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Recycled Bottle Planter

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PERSONAL CARE is our industry but 


Find out what's important to us below. 


At The Hair KCMO Aesthetics Collective, we prioritize sustainability in all of our practices. From using eco-friendly products to reducing waste, we're committed to doing our part for the environment. We're proud to be on our way to being carbon neutral. We recycle or reuse anything we can locally or in house.

Our local partner for composting our hair waste, coffee grounds, and other salon compostables is KC Can Compost

For our more complicated recycle needs like used color foils, facial waxing supplies, and gloves, we partner with Green Circle Salon initiative  


Giving back to the community is at the heart of our values. We strongly believe in the power of supporting local charities and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. that is why we prioritize donating to local charities as a key part of our business philosophy. We actively seek out organizations that align with our mission and values. 


We have a complimentary beverage station and as you might imagine, WE GO THROUGH A LOT OF CANS!

One of the ways we give back is by crushing all of the cans and instead of sending our with our regular recycling, we take them to the metal recycling facility in our neighborhood! With whatever money we can get from the cans, the salon MATCHES! Then at our monthly meeting, we all put our favorite charity in a hat and draw the winning charity for our CANtest!


Why aren't there "men's or women's cuts" on the menu???


Short or Long... that's pretty much it. Here's why!


We believe that hair has no gender so you won't find the typical "Men's" or Women's" haircut on our menu.  Following the lead of the Dresscode Project, we've adapted to their inclusive minded efforts to remove gender from the salon service menu.

Short Cut:

Clipper cuts, pixies, and anything above the ear.

Includes a hot towel nape shave, shampoo, conditioning massage, and style.

Medium/long Cut:

This haircut service may be for you if you like short french bobs to long layers.

Includes shampoo, conditioning massage, and blowout style.

Transformative Cuts:

Sometimes doing a big change requires a little extra time. If you're wanting a noticeable change, we'd recommend booking this service rather than a short haircut. Any notes you could provide before the service is always greatly appreciated.

core values
what you can expect from our team, and what we expect of each other.



Eager and committed to an ongoing education.



Share exceptional communication.



Supportive of Each other and our Community of professionals.



Accepting and compassionate to all humans.



Demonstrate personal accountability.

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