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OUR (most popular) SERVICES

We do things a little different.

Cutting Hair
Hair Wash
Hair Color


Short cut: Barber Style or Pixie

starts at $27| 45min

Medium-long cut: anything below the earlobe

 starts at $38| 60min

Transformative cut: if it's a big change, this is your pick

starts at $38| 60min



+$25 add on

$59 A la Carte


+$50 add on

$83 A la Carte



+$75 to +$110 add on

$150-$225 A la Carte



$120 | 1-2 hours


$180 | 2-3 hours



$240 | 3-4 hours

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Why no Men's & Women's Cuts on the menu?

..because hair has no gender.



Short or Long... that's pretty much it. Here's why!

We believe that hair has no gender so you won't find the typical "Men's" or Women's" haircut on our menu.  Following the lead of the Dresscode Project, we've adapted to their inclusive minded efforts to remove gender from the salon service menu.

Short Cut:

Clipper cuts, pixies, and anything above the ear.

Includes a hot towel nape shave, shampoo, conditioning massage, and style.

Medium/long Cut:

This haircut service may be for you if you like short french bobs to long layers.

Includes shampoo, conditioning massage, and blowout style.

Transformative Cuts:

Sometimes doing a big change requires a little extra time. If you're wanting a noticeable change, we'd recommend booking this service rather than a short haircut. Any notes you could provide before the service is always greatly appreciated. 

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